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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the included hours of the photo booth have to be consecutive?

No, they do not have to be consecutive but, you will be charged for the idle time that the photo booth is there. 


What's the difference between the Selfie booth and the Classic booth?

The Selfie booth is a digital only experience. No physical prints are provided. You can however have the photos sent to your phone or email!

The Classic booth is a digital and print experience. If you want printed photos or strips at your event you would definitely want to choose the Classic or the Mirror booth.

Do you offer a military or non-profit discount?

Yes we do! Ask the sales representative for details.

Can I rent a booth all day?

Yes you can! If you need to rent a photo booth for a trade show, conference, or multi-day event we would be happy to work with you and come up with a custom quote for your event. Just ask the sales representative for details.

Do your booths have to have an attendant?

Yes and no. All of our print booths (Classic and Mirror booth) require an attendant to ensure that the experience runs as we expect and to troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise during your event. However, the selfie booth can be set up by an attendant and left without supervision. A technician will be on stand by via phone if any problems occur. This booth is our simplest and most reliable and rarely encounters technical difficulties.

How much time do you need for setup?

Our booths requires 2 hours for set up.

What happens if a print booth runs out of paper?

Technicians always come prepared with backup paper if a print booth was to run out of paper. At this point, we would temporarily close the booth and replace the paper in order to make the experience run smoothly. If you notice the printer is not printing your photos, notify the technician and they will assist you!

What if a photo come out blurry?

If your photo comes out blurry simply take another photo. We cannot guarantee that every single photo is going to be in focus. Our cameras are focused so that people standing behind the line are always in focus. Also, if you are moving too much the photo may come out blurry! Luckily you have unlimited prints, and you can always take as many photos as you like until you get the perfect one!

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